Divine Weapon

Haphaistos, for your divine weapon needs :)

   You can obtain your divine weapon when you do Athena’s quest at the early part of the game. There are four elemental types of divine weapons that will be offered to you and you need to choose just one; Fire (Firehand) , Ice (Borea’s Breath), Holy (Odin’s Wrath), and Dark (Shadowend).

   Only the Divine Weapon of Ice has an additional effect on it; if you will use it the targets within 15m will be frozen for 10 seconds. To activate the divine weapon you chose you need to right-click the Socket Rock which will be given to you by Athena along with the divine weapon itself then designate the divine weapon to the middle slot.

Just drag and drop it to your skills bar.

   Your divine weapon comes with a socket skill. You can access it after you installed the divine weapon, just open your skills interface (shortcut key “K”) and find it it, or in the future, them under the “Divine” tab.

Branding Hand, the slot skill of Fire Element Divine Weapon: Firehand.

   The skill that comes with your divine weapon cannot be used all the time unlike during the prologue of the game. See that yellow bar (SP) underneath your Health points and Mana points bar, once that is full you can use any of your divine skills so be wise on using your divine weapon’s skills.

Your SP (Yellow) will fill up as you do quests and kill monsters.

Upgrading your Divine Weapon

   You upgrading your divine weapon by the use of Celestial Irons this will increase the damage of your divine weapon skills; you will obtain a total of nine free celestial irons on the early part of the game.

  Once your divine weapon is installed all you need to do is right-click the celestial irons from your bag one at a time until you used them all up. Upgrading it will increase your damage depending on the elemental nature of the divine weapon you upgrade. So if you upgraded a fire elemental divine weapon your skills of the same element will be boosted by 0.78 per 100 soul power. (There is 500 soul power on a lvl 2 Firehand so the fire damage will be increased by 3).

Note: You can buy Celestial Iron from Haphaistos.

Adding Sockets on your Divine Weapon.

   Open you Divine Weapon Tab (shortcut key “E”), see those locked slots surrounding your divine weapon, there is an option to add more skills to your divine weapon (like when at the first part of the game during the Erebus fight). You can unlock these skills as you level starting at level 40 and so on. You can also forcibly open them with  1000 gold.

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