Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My New Character

I've been gone for quite a while but May this year (2013) I came back to a new server, the US server, and a brand new Realm (Capricorn). There has been lots of changes to the game and playstyle but I'll be updating this blog again soon enough. This is a preview of my level 54 Legionnaire: Sitri.

 P.S.- He was already armor rank 5 even before the latest patch arrived, way before the patch with the 10-12 stars equips got implemented on our server. ^.^

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What does the Rank and Grade of an equipment mean?

To avoid confusion we will refer to the "stars" as rank and the color of the equipment's name as the grade (when you hatch a Legendary pet a system announcement will say that you hatched a pet of Legendary rank).


   There are seven possible grades of an equipment in AOT and can be determined by the color of the equipment's name (Regular, Good, SuperiorExcellentPerfectLegendaryDivine). The grade determines the base stats that the equipment will have meaning the stats of the equipment before any enhancing.

   There are other factors that will affect the said stats are the Equipment's Level (see level requirement) and the Enhancement Level (+8 on the picture). So if you want to increase the white stats simply enhance it or use Grade Enhancement on your equipment.


   You can determine the rank of an equipment if you refer to its stars. So far we've only seen an equipment of ran 12.

   The rank will determine the base values of the blue options. The higher the rank the higher the value of the blue options. Besides the rank the other things that will affect the value of the blue options are the equipment's level, equipment class (Crusader, Mage, Berserker,Legionnaire) and sometimes if you are lucky enough you will have an equipment whose blue options value will be higher compared to an equipment of the same class, level, and rank.

Tips: Choosing the right options for you.

   It doesn't mean that the grade or rank of a weapon is high that it is the ideal weapon for you, a common mistake of some people is choosing rank over the option. Some choose a 6-star equipment with crappy stats (for example an armor with Frost Def, Shadow Def, Crit Resistance, Physical Resistance) over a 5-star armor with good stats (Physical Def, Magical Def etc.). The reason for choosing Magical Def or Physical Def over the Elemental Defenses is that no matter the nature of the Elemental Attack (Frost, Fire, Shadow, etc.), you will still have a defense against it whether it's magical or physical.

   For example if you battle a group of monsters having high Physical Frost Attack along with some monsters having high Magical Shadow Attack and all you have on your armor is mostly Frost Defense then you will be like paper to the monsters with the Shadow Attack. However if you have Magical and Physical Defense instead of just the Elemental Defenses you will be good on handling both attacks. This also applies when battling against other players.

   You should also consider the blue options of your weapon. Generally the best options of a weapon is: Minimum Magic/Physical Attack, Maximum Magic/Physical Attack, Critical Percentage %, Critical Damage/Magical Damage/Physical Damage, coupled with your major Elemental Attack or the element of your Divine Skill or highest damaging attack.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


   Although we still cannot increase the level of our equipment we can increase the grade (e.g from Perfect to Legendary) and the Rank ( from 6 stars to 7 stars) of our equips and also reset it attributes.

   To do this all you need to do is go to Gangler pictured above and choose Craft Equipment, then choose from Grade Enhancement, Rank Enhancement, or Reset Attributes.

   Each process will consume the energy you usually use for enhancing you equipment and gold, the higher your equip's rank or grade before the process the more energy you need and there is also a chance it will fail.

Thanks Sacramenti from Iteru Server for informing me about this. :D

New Page!

The Pet page is now published.

It will be updated with more information about the basics and on strengthening your pet of choice.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


New update, a simple explanation of what the Gem Bonus means on your equipment's Holy Soul.